Our Mission

We launched Madhappy in 2017 and have been on a mission to make the world a more optimistic place since. Over the past five years, we’ve dedicated efforts towards making a real impact in the mental health space. On a local, national and global level, we are working everyday to de-stigmatize mental health and create more conversation around it. While we are not experts or medical professionals, we hope to serve as guides: raising awareness and accessibility so that people can better identify what they’re going through, and seek help when needed. Mental health affects us all, and the sooner we view it as a normal part of our everyday lives, the sooner we can get people the support they need and save lives.

The Local Optimist

We launched The Local Optimist (TLO) in 2019 with the goal of creating an online community of optimists. TLO is our free mental health resource blog featuring new educational and destigmatizing content every week. From toolkits on different mental health topics to interviews with advocates across all walks of life, it’s an accessible resource for people who are looking to explore and learn more about their own mental health.

The Madhappy Foundation

We launched The Madhappy Foundation in 2022 as a non-profit organization with a mission to move mental health forward. Throughout our history, we have been fortunate to partner with organizations including The JED Foundation, Project Healthy Minds, & The University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center to support conversations, research, and efforts benefiting mental health. Now, we are proud to announce the creation of our own organization to put resources in the right hands to improve mental health globally. Through The Madhappy Foundation, 1% of proceeds from every Madhappy sale will benefit our efforts towards the advancement of mental health.

The Madhappy Podcast

We launched The Madhappy Podcast in 2021 to promote our mission of creating conversation about mental health. The show is hosted by two of our founders, Peiman Raf and Mason Spector, and features a wide range of creators, professionals, speaking about their personal journeys and experiences with mental health. Our goal is to inspire listeners to take their mental health more seriously and to continue to remove the stigma around having these conversations. With each episode, we hope to facilitate important and often overlooked discussions while providing concrete ways for our audience to stay optimistic and energized.