Mad haPPy and Michael Koppy at Sluggos

Gearing up for next weeks Sluggo’s show with Michael Koppy. He’s a good example of someone who really combines music and activism.

Our friends Margaret Warren and Pat Hayes with the Institute for Human Machine Cognition here turned us onto Concept Mapping, and we’ve been using it to develop our set.

Also we received another grant from the Puffin Foundation West to do a show in the fall. More on that later.

Saturday, April 12th Wildlife Rescue Center in Foley, AL

Mad haPPy will perform, through the Off-Grid Sound System at the Coastal Wildlife Rescue Center in Foley, AL late morning on Saturday, April 12th.

We’ll be there all day, as will our friends Sassafras.

Gilbert Gil and Dominguinhos

Discovering accordion music has introduced us to all some sounds from around the world we hardly knew existed, if at all.

How to Become an Underground Star (for West Florida Public Libraries Teen Read Week)

Here’s the description of a presentation Mike iLL will be delivering this week for the West Florida Public Library’s Teen Read Week.

Being a young person with a creative talent can be frustrating, but there are tactics and tools by which we can discover our own unique path toward success, responsibility, and recognition. To those who are interested in performing, writing, promoting, producing, or organizing in an artistic field, Mike “iLL” Kilmer will offer insights from his experience beginning in the 1980’s which includes a Warner Brother’s record deal and numerous independent tours and recording projects.

Simply Put

Do not miss Sept 21st in p’cola. Long Hollow Equinox Fest Round Two.

Guests on Christiana’s Psychic Cafe

Mad haPPy will be guests on our friend Christiana’s web broadcast on January 6th:

Please promote freely. The name of the show is Christiana’s Psychic Cafe.

It should be fun. 9PM – 10PM EST. Please tune in. Show Debut’s Dec 26th.

Tom Neilson coming to Pensacola Feb 2nd

Feb2nd Pensacola Tom Nielson / Mad haPPyKerrville Folk Festival Winner Tom Neilson coming to Pensacola, Florida for performance with Mad haPPy and Mike Potters Allstar Hootenanny. Saturday, February 2nd at Sluggo’s.

Montgomery-bound this Thursday – Nov 29th.

Head on the Door. Extended family these people, but may be the last Mike iLL show there ’cause we’re just kind of done with cigaret venues for the time being.

Mad haPPy Kids Show at Gulf Coast Arts Festival

Friday, Nov 2nd at 10AM. Seville Square, Pensacola

We’ll bring the Bayan down for a performance of Mad haPPy children’s music.

Local Press for Sustainable Living Concert Series

Pensacola News Journal covers Long Hollow Equinox Festival.

Daniel from Belmont Youth Band Powers the PA System

Daniel from Belmont Youth Band Powers the PA System - photo: PNJ