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  • Our Bubblegum Crop Crewneck. 100% Cotton French Terry. Cropped Fit. Madhappy Logo Front Print. Made In Los Angeles.

    This custom french terry fleece was developed to fit perfectly and be worn year round. Features garment dye, enzyme and silicon wash for soft feel.

  • Fit is true to size. Female model is 5'7 & wearing a size small.

  • Cracking on high density printing is natural, and will be seen on any item that features it. If you prefer the high density print to remain intact through the life cycle of the garment, we suggest that any of your madhappy garments with this embellishment be dry cleaned only.

The Crop Crewneck

The Crop Crewneck is a crop fit and is primarily a women’s style. The Crewneck is composed of our French Terry Fabric. French Terry is a knitted terry cloth. Our French Terry features soft piles of yarn loops on one side, and a smooth surface on the other side. It is a lightweight material that is super comfortable and functional year round. What makes the Crop Crewneck unique, is that it is stitched reverse. The face is the loops of yarn, while the inside is the smooth material that you feel while wearing it.

Made in Los Angeles

We work with the highest quality manufacturing partners to ensure a premium and consistent product. As an LA-based brand, we’re proud to support our community by partnering with local craftspeople to bring many of our core garments to life.

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