Joys of Armageddon
Joys of Armageddon Poster

Joys of Armageddon is an electro-world/hip-hop musical about going farther than you can and realizing it’s never enough. New York City, December the Eleventh, Twenty Twelve. A small group of brilliant misfits call themselves the Mutiny Zoo. They’ve made preparations, should they survive the expected cataclysms of twenty twelve to camp out in an abandoned subway tunnel beneath Grand Central Station. More importantly, they are working on Cybergenic Reincarnation, the possibility of the afterlife in cyber space.

“Combining ancient cabbalistic rituals for magnetizing the soul with contemporary methods of virtual manifestation of the self, we have developed the technique of cybergenic reincarnation, to be realized within cyberspace, soon be sustained within networks of self-propagating organic circuitry”

Below are some Video Clips from the most recent workshop performance at The Red Room in New York City:

Oshun Broadcast Segment feat. Suzy Q from Mike iLL on Vimeo.

Hot Shot Freight Train from Mike iLL on Vimeo.

Haunted feat Abbe Rivers and Jaime Della Fave from Mike iLL on Vimeo.

I Wanna Live feat. Suzy Q from Mike iLL on Vimeo.

Macon Traxx Clip feat Mike iLL from Mike iLL on Vimeo.

Box of Heartache / Ready to Go Beyond from Mike iLL on Vimeo.

Tunnel Guide feat. J McElfresh and Mike iLL from Mike iLL on Vimeo.