Created in 2017, Madhappy is a fashion and lifestyle brand that focuses on creating conversation around mental health.

What began as a singular word has since grown into a community and an ideology. The beauty is that each person can have their own interpretation of it. In our opinion, Madhappy is the essence of life: two words coming together to create a life-like existence. It’s about the ups and downs and everything in between. It is recognizing that everything isn’t perfect because it shouldn’t be. It is realizing that the lows make the highs that much more pronounced.

Over the past five years, we’ve dedicated efforts towards making an impact in the mental health space. While we are not experts or medical professionals, we hope to serve as guides - raising awareness and accessibility so that people can better identify what they’re going through, and seek help when needed. Mental health affects us all, and the sooner we view it as a normal part of our everyday lives, the sooner we can get people the support they need.

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