Description of R We Done Yet?

This is the original description for R We Done Yet?:

Are We Done Yet? A two person theatre show using (international) folk music and spiritual concepts from around the world to ask a question. As a species, can we be done killing for profit? By embracing the never-ending campaign toward joy, peace, justice and freedom we gain insight into the inexhaustible value of life.

Themes include health, sexuality, commitment, education, confusion,


R We Done Yet?

Bing (x9) … clack. (repeat x 3.5) Are we done yet?

Dragged off to war again, fighting for who?
What profit be gained by the rough-trodden poor?
Around the world, battlefield to rock,
Won with a stacked deck, but came back sick.
Sub-divided a faded community, Turtle Isle
Occupation is real, demolition is final
Refugee, tent city, growin’ up homicidal.
Head bowed, road block,