Mh. Team Picks 3/22

Mh. Team Picks 3/22

Welcome back to another edition of Mh Team Picks.

1. Favorite Madhappy Classics Piece?

Chuhk - Rust Oversized Crewneck Sweater. The drop-shoulder compliments my frame and when worn properly it looks like something you would have stolen out of your dads closet in middle school. The Rust color reminds me of my families Big Bear cabin and the smell of fresh pine in the morning. In a few years from now when it has naturally distressed and faded, that is when its true character will show.

Noah - Sand Crewneck. I'm a sucker for a ultra-cozy Heavyweight Crewneck.

Peiman - Powder Hoodie bc I love the color and feel of the French Terry! 

Kelly - Rust Crewneck, the color and simplicity are unique and can be styled with anything.

Josh - Sand Heavyweight Tee. The color is simple and the Mh. Logo is subtle but the piece also makes a statement through its heavier fabric. I like to wear pieces over and over again, and this one lets me do it.

Mason - Black Heavyweight Sweats. Coming from a guy who has worn sweatpants 70% of the last decade, these are as good as it gets in terms of both comfort and fit. Can be dressed up or dressed down. I don’t go out but if I did you would find me with these on in the club.

2. What app can you not live without?

Chuhk - VSCO app to edit photos and videos since downloading it four or five years ago. I can 100% say that without this app I would not be able to communicate with photographers and videographers the way I do presently. Believe it or not, I was editing all of our Madhappy campaigns and content on VSCO before we could afford to have that outsourced. I still use it for all my iPhone and personal photos.

Noah - Sleep Cycle! I sleep w/ my phone on airplane mode every night and use this app to help me wake up. I put my alarm around 5:45AM and it wakes me up between 5:25 –  5:45 depending on how much I'm moving. Highly recommend this app!

Peiman - Overcast. Best podcast app out. 

Kelly - Waze for driving around LA and hopefully finding me shortcuts. 

Josh - Notes. I keep a variety of lists here from tasks to travel itineraries to good memories. Don’t know what I would do without my lists!

Mason - Twitter. It’s the only social media I use and I don’t even really use it for the social aspect. Sports, music, news, current events. My favorite follow is @dragonflyjonez

3. What is your dream collaboration?

Chuhk - Whether it be Dries, Raf Simons or anything Nigo and Pharrell, the one constant reminder of how much I love fashion will always be Ralph Lauren. I couldn't see myself settle for anything less than a complete buildout of a collection if given an opportunity to collaborate with the brand. Best case scenario Julian Casablancas and Paul Banks model the campaign, I get my own Polo bear and full access to the archives. I'd probably push the release date back over and over again just to get whatever time I could out of the opportunity. I will have truly lived my childhood dream if ever given the chance to do anything with Ralph Lauren.

Noah - My dream collaboration would be w/ Converse. Been rocking them since I can remember. Nostalgic and very on brand for what we're doing.

Peiman - Dream collab is with the Lakers :) 

Kelly - Rodarte. I love what Kate and Laura have done with the brand.  Its vibrant, whimsical and I love how the incorporate films and other media in their campaigns.

Josh - Nike. They Built a timeless brand with clear initiatives while expanding into ever-so many product categories and maintaining favor in the eyes of all age groups. The story of Nike detailed in "Shoe Dog" and the struggles Phil went through to build it also give me appreciation for what he created. So authentic. 

Mason - The first thing that comes to mind is the NBA. But a handful of companies have worked with them before. Something more personal would be to work with the National Park Service. Design some merchandise for some of my favorite parks in the country.

4. Final Four prediction?

Chuhk - Duke, North Carolina, Gonzaga and Tennessee in the final four. Duke over North Carolina in the finals 78-73. 

Noah - Duke, Murray State, Purdue, Kentucky

Peiman - Michigan, Duke, Tenn, Kentucky

Kelly – Duke, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Kentucky

Josh - Michigan St., Michigan, Virginia, UNC

Mason – Duke, Michigan, Iowa St., Tennessee

5. Who are the three headline acts of your music festival? Where would it be? What would it be called?

Chuhk - The festival would be called "200 Couches" and would be located in Yosemite. Headlined by The Strokes, Interpol and King Krule. Couches scattered amongst the forrest and food sponsored by Apple Pan and Tito's Tacos. NO PHONES. 

Noah - Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar and Lauryn Hill. It would be in the Amalfi Coast and would be called Madhappy Festival. 

Peiman - Coldplay, Drake, Chainsmokers. It would be called Madhappy Fest and would be in Ojai, California.

Kelly - The Strokes, SZA and The White Stripes. Jackson Hole, WY and would be called Sassy Moose. 

Josh - Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, The Weeknd. It would be in Aspen over the summertime and would be called Not Fyre. 

Mason - Outkast (assuming that they would be better prepared than Coachella 2014, also how was that 5 years ago) Beach House & LCD Soundsystem. It would be in Point Lobos State Park and would be called Past Future Fest.





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