Mh. Team Picks 3/13

Mh. Team Picks 3/13

While it may be through a variety of different kinds of screens, in one way or another, we are all constantly consuming content. So much so, that we often look to others for recommendations on what we should be consuming. Every week we will be bringing you personal picks from Madhappy as well as some questions to get to know the Mh team.

Without further adieu, let's get right into it.

  1. What is your favorite fashion release of the last couple weeks?

JoshTwo of my favorite styles - Acne and 90's come together for a denim collection. Love the patch work, baggy styles and overall mood of this SS19 collection. Just makes the 90's even more attractive. 

Noah - Weirdly, I really like what Lacoste had to offer in their FW19 selection. Standout looks included, elevated polo’s, oversized jerseys, and awesome trench coats.

Chuck - I just bought a Large Telfar Shopping Bag. Went with the black color way but if the oxblood is available cop it asap. For any women out there, please please please go buy anything from Memory 4 A Lifetime.

Peiman – I thought the new NAPA by Martine Rose was very fire. She’s probably one of my favorite designers right now.

Mason – I know these didn’t just drop, but I got a pair of Salomon S/LAB XT-6 and have worn them every day since.

  1. What song do you have on repeat right now?

Josh - Radio Gaga. I know it’s cliche with the new Queen movie having come out but I see the crowd clapping every time I listen to it. Can’t get enough of it.

Noah - Trippy – Anderson Paak ft. J.Cole – there's something about J. Cole's verse that I keep coming back to.

Chuck - Currently, Solange's "When I Get Home" is on a loop when I'm in my car or at the office. Besides that I'm hung up on I Can Treat You Better by Part Time.

Peiman - Middle Child by J Cole. Great beat, great lyrics, just a great track. Cole rarely misses.

Mason – Depending on my mood…Binz by Solange or Richard Millie Plain by Gunna.

  1. What are you watching right now or have you watched recently?

Josh - Game of thrones. Now my second time rewatching it to prepare for the new season. I don’t believe any other TV show compares to this one. Great, timeless lessons. “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.”

Noah - Free Solo. My hands are still sweating from that. Must watch.

Chuck - I don't indulge in many tv shows but I have enjoyed One Strange Rock on Netflix. I watch reruns of The Office pretty religiously before bed.

Peiman - Free Solo. Watched this with Noah and some friends after it won the Oscar. Having seen El Cap in person I still don’t understand how what Alex did is even possible.

Mason – Jon Oliver and High Maintenance on Sunday nights. I saw Apollo 11 in theaters last week, highly recommend.

  1. What is your favorite podcast right now?

Josh - Masters of scale by Reid Hoffman, a founder and investor himself gives great insight into brand building from different perspectives. Specifically love the one with Peter Thiel on “Escape Velocity"

Noah - Dissect by Cole Cuchna (via Spotify). I love learning about the albums that I love! "Each season, we pick one album, forensically dissecting one song per episode. Line-by-line, note-by-note..."

Chuck - To be honest I'm more of an NPR guy.

Peiman - Invest Like The Best. Great methods and insight into investing both money and time.

Mason – I’m a Ringer network podcast groupie. Love “The Rewatchables” and “The Big Picture”

Personal Picks

Josh – Favorite lowkey restaurants in New York & Los Angeles 

New York

  1. Sushi on Jones - Great sushi, small restaurant, quick turnaround. Amazing operation.

  2. Restoration Hardware or RH - reinvented themselves through this mass build-out and hospitality attraction in Meatpacking. Love what they’re doing and love this rooftop restaurant for a calming Sunday afternoon.

  3. Cafe Select (Back Room) - Dinner or drinks. You kind of feel "in the know" going here which I like.

Los Angeles

  1. Croft Alley - Every day for brunch. Food is excellent, staff is sociable and cool, operation is seamless and clean.

  2. Marvin - My personal favorite. Very underrated restaurant. Strong selection of French foods and various wines. Great lighting, great music. Follow their playlist here.

  3. République - Butter Nut Squash Agnolotti!

Noah - Top 3 affordable delicious wines

  1. Rabasco – Cancelli Rosso 2017 – Average Price: $17. Incredible medium-body natural wine. Notes of cherry, eucalyptus, oak and minerals.

  2. Daoi – Cabernet Sauvignon – 2016 – Average Price: $28. Classic California Cab. You can never go wrong with this.

  3. Yarden – Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from Galilee, Israel. Average Price: $30. A small taste of Israel. Notes of red fruit and chocolate. Deep dark purple color.

Chuck – Three albums you should know about

  1. Other Death By Sean Nicholas Savage. If you like hints of Blood Orange and The Smiths this is for you. Not for everyone but this is the pocket I have been sitting in as of late. Similar artists include John Maus and Part Time.

  2. Okey By Smerz. In a perfect world I would have a girlfriend that is in Smerz. The Norwegian duo toys with my emotions and they are really just so much cooler than me it can be annoying. I have a huge crush on them.   

  3. Standing On The Corner by Standing On The Corner. I feel the same way about this band as I did the first time I heard Bad Bad Not Good. They are on another level and have been working with some of my favorite artist over the last year or so. Mason and I saw them open for King Krule last year which is something we probably took for granted having not known them at the time. Indulge.

Peiman – Must reads for Millennials   

Shoe Dog, How to Win Friends & Influence People, When Breath Becomes Air, Upside of Stress

Mason – Best 2018 movies you may have missed

In no particular order, all fantastic films: The Guilty, A Prayer Before Dawn (2017 I know, but I saw it in ’18 and is too good to leave out,) Minding the Gap, Momentum Generation, Thunder Road.

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