About Madhappy.

About Madhappy.

We all know what a final product looks like. It’s clean, refined and free of errors. It is highly curated and takes months or even years of work to build. The part that consumers don’t see is the effort and detailed steps that go into creating the final product. The behind the scenes work is just as, if not, more important than the final product. Through this BLOG, we are looking to provide an open door into the Madhappy team, and behind the scenes work of the brand. We will utilize this portion of the blog to provide insight into the motivations and goals for each piece of work we create.


When we launched Madhappy in 2017, we wanted to build an inclusive community centered around optimism. After almost two years, we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received while building a global direct to consumer brand. It has been an amazing journey with so much support online, on social and through our seven experiential pop ups.

And for us, it is just the beginning.

With this new website launch - we hope to cultivate a content-first approach to spreading the Madhappy mission: to build a more optimistic world. We will tackle this on many fronts: our content, our experiences and our products.

On the content end, today we are launching the first iteration of the Madhappy blog with the goal of creating conversation around mental health. We will do this primarily through original interview content, guest posts and a resource portal. We hope to provide a platform for discussion on our page that will help millions of people in the coming years. We will also be launching a podcast and video content by mid-2019.

On the experiential end, we will continue our immersive pop up stores this year. Each pop up will feature our full product selection and will host events including our community-wide launch parties, discussions on mental health & wellness and guided meditations.

Moreover, our HQ in DTLA will act as a showroom and event space open every Friday to our community with weekly programming beginning Summer 2019. On the product end, today we are releasing our first full Madhappy Classics Line. Madhappy Classics is an ever evolving and always present selection of our favorite silhouettes. With each release, new pieces enter and previous staple styles are updated to optimize fit & feel. We will continue releasing more limited capsules, collections and collaborations.

On the collaborations end, we will work with incredible companies (and people) with strong brands and missions to create amazing products with unified stories and experiences. We will also be releasing products outside of clothing that best fit our mission.

Thank you for all your support.

Let’s continue the journey. Madhappy.

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