Adventures in QuodLibet

The vision of Steve Jobs and Apple products are beautiful and beautifully intuitive, but the magnitude of the company and it’s market share combined with it’s Closed Source approach create a bit of a Bog Brother feeling at times. As far as all of that goes, Quodlibet is pretty much the opposite. Open Source. Written in Python which is a classic Open Source programming language. Anyone in the world can make additions to the main code base or create plugins to add or modify functionality.


International Folk Dance Archive

Earier this year we received another grant from the Puffin Foundation West for a project to develop the music database we use with Pensacola International Folk Dancers.

We\’ve been using a combination of cassette tapes and a fairly un-maintained iTunes music collection and we had a few objectives for the project.

  1. Digitize cassette collection
  2. Archive some of our collective knowledge about the songs and dances
  3. Ensure that all members of the group have access to the music
  4. I need to check if this was part of the initial grant proposal,


Thanks for the tips

Wanna throw some thanks out there:

Really cool blog that helped me assemble Hymnal.

Chris who turned us on to lilypond engraving library.

Seth Tobocman did the cover art.

These folks sponsored the project personally:

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Shavaun Pizar

George Blitch

Geraldine T. Vaurigaud

Boo Reiners

Carla Murray

Alice K Genese

Norman Vazquez

Sylvie Harris

Jennie Spanos

Adrian Fallwell

The Perrin Family

Hans and Marina Frei

Alex Sniderman

Scott Anthony

Stephen A Stetson

Leah N Pietrusiak

Jason Daniels

Georgeanna Presnell



Description of R We Done Yet?

This is the original description for R We Done Yet?:

Are We Done Yet? A two person theatre show using (international) folk music and spiritual concepts from around the world to ask a question. As a species, can we be done killing for profit? By embracing the never-ending campaign toward joy, peace, justice and freedom we gain insight into the inexhaustible value of life.

Themes include health, sexuality, commitment, education, confusion,



Flower pot boys these dolls ain’t toys.
They are used to receive waking dream transmissions.
Plastic horses escape corral,
Crazy-glued horns they’re unicorns now.
Neighborhood pests in the afternoon.
Dynamite mind sets bent for doom.
Prissy boy nickname ricochet battleground,
Everybody rattled out, hide your soft side.
Kid Farside alone if he could
Making all day trips to the west side wood
Walked up on by the eighth grade class
Dancing by the river in a wedding dress.


Wake Up

fighting biting out o control
loosin my teeth losin my soul
the old witch knows what i’ll go through
she’s seen the end and she’s telling me to

wake up wake up

ghastly ass attitudes come to bed
every night i go head to head
personification fear and greed
toss me aroun like a tumbleweed

wake up wake up

runnin around with a heart of foam
achin and shakin i only roam
through the ruins of the danger zone
hell in a bathroom i have no home

in this dream i’ve been havin for weeks
the old crone grabs me by the cheek
pulls me close and begins to talk

i’m a beautiful body but nobody will look
i’m a bus full o kids rollin off the dock
i’m accused of murder but i can’t talk
i’m allowed to leave but the door is stuck

i’m ablunt gettin smoked and i can’t wake up
i’m a truck on a hill and i can’t stop
im’ assuming the worst cause it always reverts
and i’m certain that my bubble is about to burst

wake up wake up

mysteruous deats in ya family tree
question marks in ya ancestry
has one o yall ever died peacefully
only ever stories o tragedy

wake up wake up

buckets of blood spilled by
women who give the evil eye
if i’s not a chase it’ll be a fight
hope i never dream tonight

wake up wake up

i’m gonna change these wayward ways
with which i’ve lived for ten thousand days
memory is basically a stressfull haze
runniun from the demons i’m supposed to face

wake up wake up

Words by Rivka and Mike iLL
Music by Mad Happy
Copyright BMI


Truckstop Honeymoon

it ain’t like things changed much once we hit the road
being too broke for a coffee and a roll
that don’t slow you down, just more o-the same stubborn forward march
maxxed out cards and empty bank accounts, only leave a psychic mark
late morning in the parking lot at a place called flying j
nuzzled under the interstate with an all you can eat buffet
aside from the sun,


R We Done Yet?

Bing (x9) … clack. (repeat x 3.5) Are we done yet?

Dragged off to war again, fighting for who?
What profit be gained by the rough-trodden poor?
Around the world, battlefield to rock,
Won with a stacked deck, but came back sick.
Sub-divided a faded community, Turtle Isle
Occupation is real, demolition is final
Refugee, tent city, growin’ up homicidal.
Head bowed, road block,