Mike iLL – Seduction of Sarah Sahonie

Also known as Seduction of Sarah Sahoney, a first release 1999 release from Mike iLL is pretty hard to come by. There were only 1,000 printed and they were sold out of Mike’s trunk around the States and primarily the Southeastern USA.

Eighteen songs including One of Those Years, Somewhere in Albany. The album sleeve is printed on construction paper. Hand folded.

We have a few copies of the initial printing and might be willing to sell one or two for like, $500.

Sarah Sahonie
Ravena NY
One of Those Years
Precious Lil' Town
Lonesome School Girl
Sorry So Horny
Dirty Boy
Glad U Made It
Walking Dead
So Bored
Crack, Heroin And Heartbreak
Can't Explain
She's Not Here
Somewhere In Albany
Pep Talk