• Feel Good Music… for the Broke Middle Class

    An album of mostly Mike iLL songs recorded with Andy Action on drums and Rev. Jim Dillman on bass. Leakey Eyes; Magdeline; Bite Size Pieces stand out. The song Born to Dive got the lyric of the year award in a Kansas City arts weekly one year.

  • Frankenprophecy

    The second full album of material written and performed by Rivka and Mike iLL. There’s a great studio video for Oozin’ Frankenprophetics as well as a live video of this classic MadhaPPy track being done in Chicago.

  • Mike iLL – Seduction of Sarah Sahonie

    Also known as Seduction of Sarah Sahoney, a first release 1999 release from Mike iLL is pretty hard to come by. There were only 1,000 printed and they were sold out of Mike’s trunk around the States and primarily the Southeastern USA.

    Eighteen songs including One of Those Years, Somewhere in Albany. The album sleeve is printed on construction paper. Hand folded.

    We have a few copies of the initial printing and might be willing to sell one or two for like, $500.

  • Re-Ups

    Remixes of MadhaPPy tracks by over half a dozen eccentric artists including beatboxer Adam Matta and Trouble & Bass artist, Mathhead. MP4 album $9.

  • Renegade Geeks

    Produced by Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club, this is the record that documents the original MadhaPPy sound. Songs that have stood the test of time include Wild & Bold (featuring Zef Noi$e on violin); Shoulda Dissed You; Loaded Up; Icicle Man and Renegade Geeks (featuring Kid Ginseng on Turntable) and Meaningless, Not Hard (featuring Kill Audio on Turntable) and the pre-same-sex-marriage-legalization anthem Paint it Pink.