Real MadhaPPy Fans

We’ve had the same mailing list for a long time. And like everything else, entropy degrades it. So it’s been time to update it.

We use a service called SendInBlue to send our emails.

They recommended to just create a new list with the people who have opened our emails. Only thing is, we just moved to them and have only sent about three emails. First thing we had done is use an email list cleaning service.


Latex and Lilypond Hymnal Volume Two

So this time there are two new elements to the Hymnal.

  1. It will be a smaller size, 5.5″ x 8″
  2. It will blend text and music snippets more than the first book.

It’s fairly easy to make a single sheet or even songbook a custom size:

#(set! paper-alist (cons ‘(“my size” . (cons (* 5.5 in) (* 8 in))) paper-alist))

\paper {
#(set-paper-size “my size”)

And this can be included in a text document:



Documents for \verb+lilypond-book+ may freely mix music and text. … Continued

Fun Times with Luddites and Zero Tracks on QuodLibet

Wow. That was in-ter-es-ting!

So yes – a couple of the “older” folks were a little wary of moving from cassette to digital format, which put me in the awkward position of defending this archiving project. Kind of the opposite of Paul Bunyan – with the new technology fighting to justify it’s value.

Last week, Quodlibet was finding Zero (of over 17,000) tracks. So there I am unable to play ANY music.


Adventures in QuodLibet

The vision of Steve Jobs and Apple products are beautiful and beautifully intuitive, but the magnitude of the company and it’s market share combined with it’s Closed Source approach create a bit of a Bog Brother feeling at times. As far as all of that goes, Quodlibet is pretty much the opposite. Open Source. Written in Python which is a classic Open Source programming language. Anyone in the world can make additions to the main code base or create plugins to add or modify functionality.


International Folk Dance Archive

Earier this year we received another grant from the Puffin Foundation West for a project to develop the music database we use with Pensacola International Folk Dancers.

We\’ve been using a combination of cassette tapes and a fairly un-maintained iTunes music collection and we had a few objectives for the project.

  1. Digitize cassette collection
  2. Archive some of our collective knowledge about the songs and dances
  3. Ensure that all members of the group have access to the music
  4. I need to check if this was part of the initial grant proposal,