Meaningless, Not Hard.

Waitin’ for the bus to come and take me
To clean the smokestacks at the factory
Where in fact I’m currently employed.

Fantasizing a fantasy
And devising the latest scheme
To get out this working class void.

I can’t stand it.
Meaningless, not hard.

Mr. Stiffneck, what a creep.
Makin’ the secretary weep.
He’s on the job 9 days a week
And he doesn’t know the meaning of rest or sleep.


Icicle Man

Pain, horrible pain, insane,
That’s all you’re gonna get,
When you’re in my game.
I dip into the fire with my left fist,
Ignitin’ your desire like this.

If ya never came back, I might not notice.
I’m too busy, yea ya know this.
Watch ya step, ya might not blow this

Horrible pain…

I was cooooold when I left here.


Shoulda Dissed You

I should have dissed you,

A long time ago x 2
But I’m still hangin’ on;
For what, I don’t know.

You’re so sorry,
You messed up again.
You’re so sorry,
You haven’t got a friend.
You’re so sorry,
You say it again,
But I’m too tired
To hear it this time.

You love me, you love me, you love me.


Wild & Bold

Come on, come on, come on and take your mamma for a spin
Get up, get in, pick it up pick it up pick it up
The night is young, the whiskey and the bourbon and the gin are flowin’
Sweet don’t pack it in don’t pack it in don’t pack it in don’t pack it in.

The Devil wears a red cap, and dances with a cane
A pocket full ‘o’ morphine and a golden violin
Enticing us to join him if we dare to call his name.


Are We Done Yet?

R We Done Yet?

Bing (x9) … clack. (repeat x 3.5) Are we done yet?

Dragged off to war again, fighting for who?
What profit be gained by the rough-trodden poor?
Around the world, battlefield to rock,
Won with a stacked deck, but came back sick.
Sub-divided a faded community, Turtle Isle
Occupation is real, demolition is final
Refugee, tent city, growin’ up homicidal.