Seeds for the Eating

Many people know of the health benefits of grape-seed oil. What it took us a long time to realize is that eating the seeds of grapes, with the grapes, is a great way to get these enzymes. Same thing with watermelon seeds. As long as they’re well chewed, they are known to provide many nutrients – and after getting over the brainwashing that they are to be avoided – they are actually quite tasty.


Rivka and Mike

At this youth festival we were doing a music workshop at, one of the young teenagers said, “friend me on facebook”. An order which elicited the response, “friend me on facebook”. Well how do I find you? “Google Mike and Rivka.”

Figured there’s probably not that many Mike and Rivka or Rivka and Mike’s with a presence, as a pair, on the internet and lo and behold, two of the top ten results are someone’s Mad haPPy gallery on the photo-centric Flikr social networking site and the Mad haPPy page on a platform called MySpace,


Beet Kvas Mary’s

As you may know we’ve gotten pretty into fermentation in our kitchen through the book, Nourishing Traditions. Beet Kvas is a drink made by cutting up raw beats and combining them with whey, salt and water and letting it ferment in a sealed jar for a few days.

Today they had some good tomato juice for sale at the Co-op and we are all about some Beet Kvas Mary’s; Virgin for now,


Happy Salad

Rivka’s brother Yitzy asked us for a Salad Recipe.

chop small so each bite is mixed and covered with yummy salad dressing.

main ingredients:

red or green cabbage (or asian cabbage)
greens (mustard, collard, kale, beet greens, turnip greens)
raw beets

optional ingredients:

bell peppers
corn (sliced off cob)
spice peppers
fresh herbs (contain many minerals)

ingredients to add when eating within a day:

portabello mushrooms


raisins or other dry fruit


oil and vinegar (apple cider vinegar is healthiest)
lemon juice and vinegar