Mad Challenging

Yes there’s suffering in these songs. Insecurity, frustration, stress and other first world problems. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Philosophical confusion. Political anger.

There is not a shortage of first world suffering in the recording process itself either. Insecurity, frustration, stress, anger. Gender issues. Sexual challenges. Economic shortcomings. Power struggles. Terrible communication. Ego trips.

sulfite free wineThis is life. This is what we do; what we’re all doing if we can maybe.


Further Developments Latex and Lilypond now with Arara and International Unicode Text via XeLatex

The title might be a white lie, because while I did get arara working, in combination with a bash script, to automate the steps to render the hymnal.

Good news. One of the arara developers helped me solve the problem. Stack overflow:

The solution ends up being quiet simple. The only limitation is that we are not outputting the lilypond-book content to a subdirectory as originally planned.

At the top of the music.lytex file (after configuring arara as directed in the referenced post),


Thanks for the tips

Wanna throw some thanks out there:

Really cool blog that helped me assemble Hymnal.

Chris who turned us on to lilypond engraving library.

Seth Tobocman did the cover art.

These folks sponsored the project personally:

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000155 EndHTML:0000001876 StartFragment:0000000475 EndFragment:0000001859

Shavaun Pizar

George Blitch

Geraldine T. Vaurigaud

Boo Reiners

Carla Murray

Alice K Genese

Norman Vazquez

Sylvie Harris

Jennie Spanos

Adrian Fallwell

The Perrin Family

Hans and Marina Frei

Alex Sniderman

Scott Anthony

Stephen A Stetson

Leah N Pietrusiak

Jason Daniels

Georgeanna Presnell



How to Become an Underground Star (for West Florida Public Libraries Teen Read Week)

Here’s the description of a presentation Mike iLL will be delivering this week for the West Florida Public Library’s Teen Read Week.

Being a young person with a creative talent can be frustrating, but there are tactics and tools by which we can discover our own unique path toward success, responsibility, and recognition. To those who are interested in performing, writing, promoting, producing, or organizing in an artistic field, Mike “iLL” Kilmer will offer insights from his experience beginning in the 1980’s which includes a Warner Brother’s record deal and numerous independent tours and recording projects.