Hanging the Studio Monitors Correctly

How awesome that our old, deal friend John Siket is here for a stay. The Mouse Hole–the studio here at Temple of Wow–has been set up in one form or another for years, but always in a fairly liminal state. Liminal is a really cool word that means it’s still forming. Our friend and really cool Pensacola gardener Jen Chendea recently turned us on to it. Liminal is a step closer to manifestation than subliminal. There is something about liminality in art that has always engaged me. Maybe the greatest art is always liminal.

John has been recording and mixing music from Phish to Sonic Youth for decades and he’s encouraged us to finally hang our speakers properly. John said we should look up this little Tape-Op article about Carl Tatz Studio Design for reference and I wanted to mark it for future reference as well.

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