Mad Challenging

Yes there’s suffering in these songs. Insecurity, frustration, stress and other first world problems. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Philosophical confusion. Political anger.

There is not a shortage of first world suffering in the recording process itself either. Insecurity, frustration, stress, anger. Gender issues. Sexual challenges. Economic shortcomings. Power struggles. Terrible communication. Ego trips.

sulfite free wineThis is life. This is what we do; what we’re all doing if we can maybe. The drums and the bass on the record sound great. And the violin. Thanks Billy Martin and Zef. Boo Reiners came in and killed it with with acoustic guitar on a couple of tracks. Scott Anthony’s sound-getting is off the hook.

Some of the accordion needs to be re-recorded because the scratch vocals are too loud on it. We got a second good microphone and also a second really good mic pre so now we can record high quality accordion and vocals here. Vocals are hard. We write these complicated melodies. It’s what comes to us.

Still digging deeply into ourselves and our music. Who are we? What is it that we do? A transgender humanist wanna-be rabbi and their work-a-holic partner. We might be turning into a family band.

The Hoop is Rinah and Aširah’s favorite MadhaPPy song. There’s an old recording of it that never officially got released. It was on the Raw Nuts, Fresh Fruit DVD.

prepping for recitalThe point here is simply, “thank you” to our supporters. The album is coming great. It’s taking it’s time. More soon.

In the meantime, we just got turned onto a community-owned publishing platform that is tied in with cryptocurrency. It’s kind of exciting. Check out my first iLL post and consider participating.


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