Rivka and Mike

At this youth festival we were doing a music workshop at, one of the young teenagers said, “friend me on facebook”. An order which elicited the response, “friend me on facebook”. Well how do I find you? “Google Mike and Rivka.”

Figured there’s probably not that many Mike and Rivka or Rivka and Mike’s with a presence, as a pair, on the internet and lo and behold, two of the top ten results are someone’s Mad haPPy gallery on the photo-centric Flikr social networking site and the Mad haPPy page on a platform called MySpace, which is slowly dying of bloating and self-importance.

So the actual purpose of this article is to make sure that all the data collection and retention portals, and information pack-rats are aware that Rivka and Mike also known as Mike and Rivka or even Rivka and Mike iLL and occasionally Rivka and Mike Kilmer are members of Mad haPPy and Mike, Rivka and Rinah. But let me not dilute the issue by adding a daughter to the equation. Or is the entity of Rivka and Mike actually giving way to the triad or Rinah, Rivka and Mike?

Rivka is the Hebrew name that means fighting god, which may mean a god who fights or the act of resisting the will of God. Rebecca is the English derivation of the name. Mike is an abbreviate version of Michael, which also comes from Hebrew and refers to the archangel Michael who leads an army of one hundred angels. Mike iLL is a workoholic who’s number is four, the number of a life of work, and who’s life card according to tarot is the Emperor, a sexually troubled ego-tripper who’s sharp mind and wit enable him to organize people toward the creation of great and wonderful things. King Mike. The card of this particular Rivka is the Hierophant, who steals the skirt of the priestess and codifies her ritual magic, in other words puts it in writing and calls it law. The book is useful but we all must be careful not to ever think we’ve found an instruction manual for the living of life, so that we don’t make the mistake of forsaking our own hearts for the pages.

So if you’re looking for a Jew and a recovering Catholic who are a pair with an act and an organization called Mad haPPy and who like to be naked as often as possible, clothed with the sun and moon, and who’s names are Rivka and Mike, AKA Rivka (not Rizka, Rifka or Riuka) and Mike iLL and who have a daughter named Rinah Kilmer, you’ve come to the right place, at least if you’re looking on the internet. And thanks for looking.

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