Rivka and Mike

At this youth festival we were doing a music workshop at, one of the young teenagers said, “friend me on facebook”. An order which elicited the response, “friend me on facebook”. Well how do I find you? “Google Mike and Rivka.”

Figured there’s probably not that many Mike and Rivka or Rivka and Mike’s with a presence, as a pair, on the internet and lo and behold, two of the top ten results are someone’s Mad haPPy gallery on the photo-centric Flikr social networking site and the Mad haPPy page on a platform called MySpace,


Jacksonville and Sunsport Youth Music Workshop

Getting ready to play the DayGlo part at the New Improved, ALL AGES Club TSI in Jacksonville this Saturday, followed by a week long music workshop we’re running at a Youth Festival at Sunsport Resort. We’re focusing on music from Ghana.


Saturday,July 16th
Club TSI
333 E. Bay St.
Jacksonville,FL 32202-2908
(904) 424-3531